Family Video Albums & Slide Shows

Spirit of Play Video

Chicagoland and Suburbs


Highlights of your life and the people in it on film forever!



  memories of your family with photos, charts, audio and  

  video narratives!  Document your family as they grew

  up, played sports, develop their arts, travel and were

  married. We electronically scan, retouch, color

  balance, and publish your family photos,video and

  film to DVD and / or the web for future generations.     

  It’s a permanent record.  But, "Time is of the Essence."   


  "Digital memories can enable all people to tell their life  

  stories to their descendants in a compelling, detailed

  fashion that until now has been reserved solely for the

  very rich and famous."

  FAMILY EVENTS:  We record original footage  

  or edit your family tapes or stills -- from your children's   

  First hair cut to birthday parties, receptions and

  Anniversaries.  Have your still photos magically come 

  to life on video or DVD. Set to your choice of music, 

  Your photos will become one seamless story that will

  tug at your heartstrings. Incorporate home video

  with your photos to create and preserve those   precious and personal memories. This is a great way to archive old photos and is perfect for...

Watching these movies requires the latest version of Quicktime.  To download the latest version click here.

Grace Faraci Sings Georgia by Ray Charles, music video, Director Gigi Faraci Harris, Spirit of Play Video Chicago